It can be really frustrating when you apply makeup on your face only to arrive at your destination looking like you didnt apply anything at all. So these are few tips on how to prevent makeup from wearing off.
  • Before applying makeup, you should moisturize your face. Usually I use velocity lightweight moisturizer. This makes my face feel smooth creating a smooth surface for my makeup to be applied on.
  • Then I apply milk of magnesia. Aside being a drug for stomach relief, it is very good for the face too. Applying milk of magnesia on the face daily helps treat acne. Applying it before makeup, helps avoid creasing and holds the makeup in place all day. It is a very good remedy for oily face. I think it is because of the magnesium in it. It acts like a clay mask or something. So if you have oily face like mine, milk of magnesia is what you need. It works like magic. So apply a thin layer of milk of magnesia on your face with cotton and then wait a few seconds for it to dry. I usually fan my face to make it dry faster.
PS: You can use the milk of magnesia as a primer. You can choose not to apply any primer after the milk of magnesia. That is if you have a very oily face.
  • The next step is to prep my face. I use mary kay primer for my face. And then for my eyebrow and the area around my eyes I use the urban decay eyeshadow primer. Using the primer on the eyebrow makes drawing on your eyebrow easier and it prevents it from creasing. After this I apply my makeup. 
  • After applying the makeup, I dab on some loose powder to set it.
  • So when all this is done, the last thing to do is to spray your face with a setting mist. This holds the makeup in place all day. Making your makeup last all day. I use Miss Beauty Fix+ Makeup Fixer Mist which is really good by the way because at the end of the day, it still looks like I just applied the makeup. 
Other ways to get makeup to last all day:
  • Avoid touching your face all the time
  • Tie your hair 

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