Hey beauties, so today I'm sharing  a post on some mac lippies that I'm actually loving at the moment. I got them about a week ago. The colours are just beautiful and although they are not matte, they last pretty long.


So these are the mac liquid lip colors. They are actually in six different colours but  I only got three because they had run out of the other colours. Really wish they had them because I will love to have it in red.

They are very pigmented and glides on smoothly. The glossy nature makes it moisturising for the lips. So it is very good for the season. It helps prevent my lips from chapping and the best part is it lasts for like four to five hours and that is really good considering the fact that it is not matte. Another thing I love about it is that it stays true to its colour  and oh it smells yummy.
So the three colours I got were 02, 03 and 04.

The 02 is fuscia pink

The 03 is an orange lip color

And the 04 is a purple lip color.

So another thing I got was this dazzleglass mac lipglass. It is in the shade gorgeous bright and we can all agree it is gorgeous. It is thick and sticky and so it lasts long. I got it because I wanted to use it after wearing a nude lipstick to give it a bit of colour and shine but I realized you can even wear it without any other lipstick and also you can use it after wearing even brightly coloured lipstick to give it that glassy kind of shine.

The next stuff I got was these mac pencils in the shade chestnut and auburn. They can serve as both lipliners and also lip crayons. They both look like the same shade of pink except the chestnut is deeper than the auburn.

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